Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dream Home - Mykonos Gem

In August of last year, I kicked off my Dream Home series with my favorite home ever - this stunner in Santorini (It's still on the market, listed for a cool $3.7M US... and if I were ever to win the lottery I would snatch it up in a heart beat!). So, for this week's Dream Home, I knew I had to head back to Greece and find another gorgeous home. Thanks to the help of Sotheby's Realty, I found this beauty tucked away Mykonos, listed at $5.49M US.

In a gorgeous area like Greece, clearly the exterior living areas of the home are the most important. I mean, unless absolutely necessary, how much time would you actually choose to spend indoors? This home definitely provides some gorgeous space for outdoor living / lounging...






It also comes with some pretty spectacular views... an absolute must in my book for my Dream Home!


Of course, there will be times that you'll actually be forced indoors. At those times, I still wouldn't mind living it up at this beautiful place...

A fabulous spot for dining, with a spectacular view. It's covered to help protect you from the elements, but still gives you the option of open air dining.


However, if the weather still isn't cooperating enough to get that complete outdoor dining experience, the interior of the home has another gorgeous dining space that still offers some pretty fantastic views.


Loving those beams on the ceiling, and that dining table is gorgeous as well. It looks like there may also be a bar at the far end of the room... just past the vines on the wall. Quite a bit of character in this lovely home...


What a cozy living space, and such a grand stone fireplace. Of course, the best part has to be the view out that giant window at the back.

Even the bathroom is stunning in it's own right. Those sinks and that bathtub! They are incredible. Not too sure how long I could live with that mirror - but then again, you never know! 


And just imagine waking up in this serene space on a sunny morning! Everything is so light and airy, but those warm wood floors, and the darker furniture are so great in the space. They make it the perfect retreat!


Yes... I'm truly dreaming! Where do you dream about escaping or moving to??


  1. wow wow wow! the house is even more beautiful at night! Its breathtaking!

  2. The scale is perfect! I would love to spend a few days by that pool :)

  3. oh so dreamy...its been ages since I went to greece!

  4. all i have to say is wowzas! i have always wanted to visit greece~

  5. This is the best feature ever. You're a woman after my own heart. I love salivating over luxury homes abroad!


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