Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Best from the Mid-West

We all love hearing about and seeing photos from other people's weddings, right? I know I do! Today I am so pleased to have Sara, from Russet Street Reno, sharing some of her favourites from her wedding (and her honeymoon and post wedding!). Here's what Sara had to share!

Best pre-wedding DIY:

photo 1 via Russet Street Reno

This would definitely be our invitations.  I spent weeks creating them in Microsoft Publisher, finding the perfect font, scouting out the perfect paper and envelopes online, and days and days printing them at home, cutting and gluing each and every piece. I am so proud of these invitations!  I might have saved money doing them myself, but it was not about the money - it was about making them exactly as I wanted them!  

Best pre-ceremony photo:

photo 2 via Russet Street Reno

Definitely this one of me, Shaun, my brother, and Shaun's sister against an old building.  Because we look really cool. 

Best ceremony moment:

photo 3 via Russet Street Reno

I know I should pick when we were officially married and kissed and all that mushy stuff, but I'm going to choose when I curtsied after we were pronounced husband and wife. Nerd! 

Best part of the reception:

photo 4 via Russet Street Reno

Definitely the photo booth.  Even though they are 'trendy,' our guests had so much fun, and still talk about it today.  Our professional photographers said they had never seen such an elaborate DIY setup at a wedding before.  I put my Rebel on a tripod, bought a couple remotes, borrowed a backdrop, umbrella lights, props, and printed up some instructions. I even had a spare battery all ready to go. The only thing I forgot to do?  Empty my memory card before the reception!  Luckily, I was able to borrow someone's for the rest of the night!  I put all the photos online so people could download the hi-res files rather than go home with those tiny little strips of fuzzy photos from the rental booths. 

Best post-reception moment:

photo 5 via Russet Street Reno

Our photographers took us into a tunnel near the reception site right before they left for the evening.  I love this photo!     

Best honeymoon moment: 

photo 6 via Russet Street Reno

This sunset cruise we took from our resort (Couples Negril) in Jamaica.  It was absolutely perfect!

Best product of our marriage:

photo 7 via Russet Street Reno

Of course that would be our son Ashford, although Shaun's chocolate chip cookies are a close second.  (To be clear, I contributed by being the official taste tester) 

Thanks for having me, Kerry!  

Thank you so much Sara! I loved seeing your photos. What a gorgeous couple and their son is just gorgeous!

What are some of your favourites from your own wedding? Or maybe something you've seen at another wedding that you plan to make part of your special day?


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