Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting to 22 Years

Good Morning friends! After yesterday's post, I thought it would be the perfect time to share this lovely post from my friend Barbara from Hodge Podge. She was so willing to step forward and help me out with questions when we moved out West, and helped me connect with all of the wonderful West Coast bloggers! It means a lot to me that she was willing to step up again and help me with a guest post this month. I'm taking her words to heart!

As a seasoned married woman, I want to wish Kerry and Brett the best in their upcoming adventure together! Kerry asked me share some thoughts on marriage or my wedding. Unfortunately my wedding was pre-digital days so I don't really have any photos to share. But I do have a few tips to share about a successful marriage. My hubs and I are going to celebrate 22 years of married bliss. Actually, I would be lying if it was bliss for 22 years. Marriage is NOT easy. It is hard work. There were times we felt like throwing in the towel, but we made vows to each other, something we don't take lightly. We have had many adventures, lived in two countries, a few provinces and cities. We have gone through financial losses, job loss, me going back to school, debts, housing crisis and uncertainty. We have three beautiful children, almost 15 year old boy, a 17 and almost 19 year old daughters.

Life has been a roller coaster, with downs and ups. I am thankful to have shared that ride with my husband. He can drive me insane, make me laugh, make me want to pull out my hair, jump for joy, scream, hug, and yet I love him to death. I don't have a magical answer in how we have kept it together for these 22 years. I got married young (almost 21) and we have grown up together. You need to truly love yourself before you can love someone else. You cannot see things through rose coloured glasses. You need to communicate and be honest and to trust. You need to be committed through thick or thin.

So my hope for Kerry and Brett is that they can have a long and wonderful marriage!

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  1. Congratulations Barbara - 22 years of marriage seems like more of a rarity these days! I hope my marriage holds up to whatever life dishes out and I think it helps to know that although it will get really tough at times, that's OK - even normal.


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