Friday, June 28, 2013

Fancy Friday Love

HECK! I found a ton that I loved online this past week... so I had to put a post together anyway. Consider it some long weekend browsing material! Enjoy!

I am so in love with Emily's powder room! The wall paper, the light fixture, the mirror, the artwork - it's all perfection! Makes me wish we had a powder room here that we could pretty up like this. Maybe we can do something really fun in my laundry room?

via name 5 things

Love this bright, white kitchen, featured on desire to inspire this week. So fresh looking - but I love the addition of texture through that gorgeous dining table. Let me just say, when my desk is complete, building a dining table is next on our list. We'd both like a nice big harvest table where we can seat lots of family and friends!

via desire to inspire

Shannon gave us another look at the shelves my Father built for her living room. They are all full now, and she's added some great artwork. They look so great!

via 8 foot 6

A pretty farmhouse in California, featured on 79 ideas. A clean palette with lots of pretty objects (but not too much), is my dream. We have a long way to go in our new place before my dream is truly realized of course!


So excited for the long weekend. Lots of fun to be had with B and Halle (I hear the rain is supposed to clear for us!), and of course hoping to make some progress on my office and a few other little projects around the house. Someone has a birthday party in a few weeks and we need to get this house into a more organized state of chaos than it currently resides in. What do you have planned for this weekend?

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