Friday, June 7, 2013

Fancy Friday Love

Happy first Friday of June! How quickly last month sped past... and how fast this past week went with us getting settled into the new house. I did squeeze in a little internet time though, and here is what I found...

Love this pretty floral, feminine entry on Daily Dream Decor. It just seems so light, clean and inviting. The floral wallpaper is beautiful, but so is the console table in the back of the photo. I don't know if I could convince B to wallpaper the front hallway of our new place like this though.


The gorgeous photography of Krista Keltanen was shared on desire to inspire this week. I was digging this room. The contrast of the dark walls with all of the light furnishings and accessories is absolute perfection!


We're not using real flowers for the bouquets at the wedding. It's one of the areas where I decided to save, and I'm pretty excited about what I have planned. However, there are moments when I see gorgeous bouquets, like this one from Oh So Beautiful Paper, and part of me wishes we were doing real flowers.


One thing I really want to strive for in our new place is to have something that looks great, but is also kid friendly! I don't want to be constantly chasing after Halle telling her "don't go in there" or "don't touch that" - it's not what a family home is for. So this post yesterday on Simply Grove was some great inspiration for kid friendly dining rooms...


I love s'mores... like A LOT! I think they are the best summer time treat ever! Well, when I came across an idea for lemon meringue pie s'mores on Pinterest yesterday (via Cooking Classy), I was over the moon! Lemon & S'mores, my two favourites desserts, in ONE! I NEED to try this... and I'm ready to whip up some homemade lemon curd for this too. (Even if you are NOT a lemon fan, check that link out for other unique ideas for s'mores!)


Well, the weekend is here and I'm so looking forward to B being home from work. There will be some more unpacking (of the less important stuff that is still in boxes), and I hope to finish painting my office and make some progress on setting up Halle's room so that we can get her in there. I can't wait to share more of our house soon... I'm so itching to make this place feel like ours! What do you have planned for this lovely June weekend?

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