Sunday, September 30, 2012

Celebrating 3 Years!

September 20th was our 5 year anniversary (of being together - we're not married for those who don't know). September 25th I turned 27. Today, September 30th, this blog turns 3! Already! Wow!

When I started this blog, I really had no clue where it would take me. I surely never imagined, that three years after my very first post, I would be spending this morning enjoying a breakfast in Vancouver after a great night with some fabulous bloggers.

I know I haven't been much of a blogger recently. I've seen it in my interactions with my readers, and even in what I've been posting. I haven't been posting a ton of really unique content - stuff that really reflects who I am. Without making excuses, life has just been busy - visitors and being with Halle have been the two great things keeping me busy recently. Next up will be focusing on my venture, but I actually do have some things to share with you this coming week... like my fabulous weekend, some autumn decorating I've completed and possibly even my garage sale chair reveal!

I love blogging, I love sharing things I do and love, and I REALLY love hearing from all of you wonderful people - whether it's how I've inspired you, questions you have or just a sweet note letting me know you like what I do! :) Thanks for reading and following along... you are the reason I love doing this! 



  1. Congrats on all of those mile stones! I didn't know that you and B weren't married - there you go, unique content right there! ha :) What a great september it's been for you...all the best for everything to come.

  2. Happy blog birthday! Thanks for all the great things you bring to your readers :) Hope the blog conference was fantastic!

  3. Happy blog birthday Kerry! Yours was one of the first blogs I began following, and remains one of must-reads. Enjoy the satisfaction that comes with your achievement!

  4. Congrats on 3 years. So glad you are here now and that you enjoyed yourself last night!

  5. Happy Birthday (belated) and Happy blogiversary! LOve FIrst time Fancy and all your unique content, wish we had a chance to chat at Blend the other night, so many people to meet not enough drinks to give me the courage to do so :P (so shy) , looking forward to the autumn decorating post!!!

  6. Love your blog ,because you keep it real .
    Happy blog anniversary ,congratulations ,looking forward to see the new post.

  7. Happy 3rd Blog Birthday Kerry! Happy belated birthday to you! And, Happy 5 year anniversary to you and your beau! Wow...September's a huge month for you.
    It was so amazing meeting you this past weekend. I thrilled to have learned about your blog and to be a new follower. Can't wait to see your fall projects and ventures. xo, A.

  8. Congratulations on all 3 anniversaries, Kerry! Was nice to have a chance to meet you in person, and I can't wait for your chair reveal! :-)

  9. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and Happy Bloggy Birthday! I love your blog and I've enjoyed reading your posts as you settle into your new life in Vancouver. A big move like that is a big adjustment and it's going to take time for you to settle into a new routine. I know since having Hannah I've been thinking a lot about how blogging is going to change for me. Mostly I've just realized that I don't want to spend every moment working on or thinking about our house, I want to enjoy my family and take time to just relax or get out and enjoy our surroundings. It seems like that's what you've been doing lately, too. Anyway, love your blog and looking forward to reading many more posts :)

  10. Congratulations on all 3 anniversaries Kerry! We're big fans of your blog! Keep doing your thing girl :)

  11. Hooray - congrats Kerry! Happy blogiversary and anniversary - and happy belated birthday! xo


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