Monday, November 28, 2011

Makin' A List

Happy Monday! We had a great time visiting back in Massachusetts, but this morning we're on the road back home... and I'm ready to get into the Christmas spirit!

Have you started your shopping yet? B and I got a lot of shopping done while we were away, and I thought I'd put together some fun little shopping guides for my readers who are still looking for some good ideas. I could've gone in a number of directions, but ultimately decided to go the traditional route of "For Him", "For Her" and "For the Kids". Here are my picks...

For Her-001

{1} Pendleton Merino Wool Blanket - $108.00 USD Kaufmann Mercantile  {2} Ribbon Necklace - $25.00 maneggi  {3} Fork & Spoon Wood Recipe Book - $26.00 Night Owl Paper Goods  {4} Hand in Hand Cashmere Scarf - $195.00 Kate Spade  {5} Madero Hoodie - $88.00 Anthropologie  {6} Large Little Vintage Hearts Book - $220.00 sarah & bendrix

For Him-001

[1] Leather Head Handmade Football - $115.00 USD Kaufmann Mercantile  [2] Menswear Tray (Shaving Kit) - $6.36 West Elm  [3] No. 1 Decanter - $39.50 Indigo Books & Music  [4] Reebok New England Patriots Vintage Applique Hooded Sweatshirt - $74.99  [5] Solid Suede Palm Convertible Glove - $9.99 Urban Outfitters  [6] Personalized Man Cave Beverage ID Tag - $7.00 TNTees

For The Kids...-001

(1) Wooden Xylophone Toy - $48.00 Smiling Tree Toys  (2) Giraffe Pillow - $25.00 Little Korboose  (3) DUKTIG Toolbelt with soft toys - $7.99 IKEA  (4) Reindeer Rattle - $12.00 Indigo Books & Music Inc.  (5) The Original Slinky, Collector's Edition - $7.50 Lee Valley Tools  (6) Secret Garden, Embroidered Penguin Classic - $16.00 Anthropologie  (7) Plush Deer Girl - $65.00 PrettyPlush


  1. This is NK.. commenting from work...

    we just got Baby C a slinky this past weekend :)) !!!! ok, this is really strange, me and you seem to be on the same wave length!!! first the frames, now the slinkies..

    love your boards :)

  2. I just was looking at the Madero hoodie yesterday and considering getting it for my mom. I love it, but wasn't sure what she would think about it...hmmm but now that you listed it, I might get it for her!!

  3. Thank you for including TrashN2Tees Man Cave Beverage tag! What a pleasant surprise to be featured on your beautiful blog. Happy Holidays!



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