Friday, December 18, 2009

Harley's Home!

Yup... Harley! Just wanted to post a little update on my post the other day about the potential new addition to our family. If you've missed my tweets... we were lucky enough on Tuesday to bring home Charlie... who we've obviously renamed Harley. We liked Harley more, and he responds to it well since it sounds exactly the same as his old name... too bad it confuses us more than him! Since renaming him he's been called, Charlie, Marley, Barley and yes... even Riley (don't ask). It's been an adventure with a 3 month old pup in the house, but slowly him and Parker are warming to each other and even playing. Last night he even got his first bath and took it quite well. He's become an instant part of the family - and everytime I look into his sucky little face I can't imagine life without our little boy!

Brett's been taking him to work during the days so he's not in his crate for 8 hour stretches. We're so happy we were able to give this adorable little guy a new home and I'm excited to raise him! It's already been fun teaching him to go up and down stairs and some new commands. If you're in the Toronto area and looking for a new pup, he still has a brother and sister up for adoption through the Grand River All-Breed Animal Rescue. Why not give a deserving pup a new, loving home?

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