Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Basement - 1, Us - 0

As I have mentioned previously, we plan on tackling our basement guest room this holiday season in order to transform it  into our new laundry/utility room.

Yup, this little space (which has been painted since we moved in) will soon be a bright, airy, shiny laundry room. The thing I'm looking forward to the most? Those beasts in the last photo being replaced! Okay, okay - so they work just fine, but they're louder than Lady Gaga's outfits, and nowhere near as efficient as we would like! So, B and I have been in discussion regarding replacing them. He suggests that we replace only the washer, and instead of getting a new dryer, get a new dishwasher. I say, if we're going to replace one, we might as well replace both. He wanted a reason, so my final reason was I would rather have a new laundry PAIR rather than a new dishwasher.

Our plan is to go shopping during the Boxing Day Week sales and pick up a great deal. Dishwashers are much less expensive, so grabbing a new one down the line will be much easier for a decent sale price. After a small heated conversation last night, I THINK we came to the conclusion that we'll continue with the plan of looking for a new washer and dryer set for a good price. Good price being the key words in that equation.

However, even if we agree to buy a new pair and then score a great deal in the sales, we have an even bigger issue waiting for us on home turf. The challenge of getting them into our basement! Our house being built in the 1920s - doorways and staircases are pretty narrow.

Yup, this scary looking staircase is actually 1/2 inch too narrow for a new washer and dryer pair to fit down... even with the railing off. Which leaves me wondering how they got the current washer and dryer into the basement, as well as a full size bathtub. Hmmmm? Believe me, I have TONS of ideas which involve a great deal of reno and an overhaul of our living room, which at the moment we can't really afford.

So for the moment, the basement is winning in our laundry room makeover (which we haven't truly begun yet), but I'm determined to keep fighting, and eventually get a beautiful new laundry pair down that staircase! I'll keep you posted on the battle.

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  1. What a great space for a laundry room! You are so smart to think about the size of the washer... I would have gone and bought it then been stuck in the stairwell!!


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