Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Potential New Additions...

I'm not talking about additions to the house... I'm talking about to our family!

For quite some time B and I have been discussing adding to our little family. We currently have B's dog, Parker, whom he has had for about 5 years. We also have a bunny rabbit, Ebony, that I adopted shortly before we moved into our home. We love them both dearly, and being two young people who have grown up surrounded by animals we just can't get enough of them. So, after a number of discussions, we decided we wanted to get a brother to be the Fenway to our Parker (B's a Red Sox fan - did you guess?). So we've spent a lot of time looking through rescue shelter websites to find a pup that just stole our heart.

WELL - last week we found more than 1! So B sent in an application and they've been screening us to make sure we are the right applicants to bring a puppy into our home. Today B got an email with three pictures of potential pups. We haven't been approved to adopt yet, (B still has to finish the phone interview he started yesterday), but they asked us to choose an order of preference for the dogs so that if we are approved we can go and meet them before we bring one of these beautiful boys home. Below are the three pups, in our order of preference (mind you, if we had the house, the money and the time... I'd take all three!)...

This is Charlie - isn't that just the sweetest face you've ever seen?

Topa is Charlie's brother and equally as sweet...

and this is Sarge, he was dumped, and is a few weeks younger than the other two pups (no relation). He is absolutely adorable, but has higher energy and is likely to be more fluffy. He, of course, is not off of our list, but we know that a dog with a more of a calm attitude would be better for us and our laid back girl Parker.

I'm pretty excited to think that there is a possibility we could have a new family member by Christmas. On top of that, we'll be saving a deserving pup and bringing them into a very loving home.

I'll keep you posted on how the screening process goes, and if one of these beautiful boys comes to find a forever home with us!

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