Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tile Away...

Since I'm currently unable to share progress photos of our basement reno, I figured I would take this time to reach out to my readers for some help with decisions. Particularly, regarding our basement bathroom overhaul. You may remember from previous photos that our bathroom looked like this...

I feel that ugly and dated are both understatements when it comes to this space!
I've known all along that the tub enclousure shower stall (which we'll be moving to the back wall where the towel bar is in picture #1), would be tiled in plain white subway tile. I've also known for quite sometime that I want our bathroom to be green, but very different from the one the previous owners had. So, while at Lowe's buying our new toilet and dishwasher on the 26th, I picked out the perfect green with the help of the handy dandy light box in the paint section. It helped me to determine which green would give me the exact colour I wanted in our basement bathroom, sans natural light. Then, last night, as B and I discussed the shower stall, he mentioned using river rock as the shower floor and I just about died of excitement - I was SOLD.
So you may be asking - WHAT do you need help with? Well, I'm not too sure what I want to do with the bathroom floor itself. I have three different materials in mind and would love some input from those of you who may be stopping by to read. So without further ado - here are the already chosen materials and paint colour.

I've decided that since I'm using such a bold colour for the walls (Valspar - Lime Candy if you were wondering), I want everything else to be white - toilet (purchased), sink, floor - ALL of it! But when it comes to the bathroom floor, I just can't decide what I want to use. Here are three of the options I've been thinking over recently...
1) Plain old white square tiles (either done in a square pattern or diamond)
2) White hexagon tile
3) Continuing the river rock (which I'm really not that sold on)

So, I defer to you - if this were your bathroom, what would you use on the floor? Some fresh new ideas could be helpful to open my eyes to something I haven't thought of. Share away my friends!


  1. River rock looks cool - but try and think of cleaning it! You will want to pick materials that are easy to clean. My mom's kitchen has a really nice stone as flooring, but it's a BITCH to clean & she wishes she picked something easier.

    I have porcelain tiles in my bathroom & think they look great : )

  2. My vote is to go with a classic white tile, like the subway tile you picked. That will allow you to switch up the feel of the room instantly by painting the walls, adding art, etc. (if or when you are ready for something new... imagine how hard it will be to update river rock!)

    When I redid the 80's bathroom in my new home, I was so thankful that the owners chose a basic white vanity top because all I needed to do to update the look was to paint the cabinet and change the hardware.

  3. Love the river rock tile ... of course I wasn't thinking of cleaning it like the previous commenter!!! Aesthetics are all.

  4. I would go with a white ceramic or porcelain tile, but maybe one in a 12"x24" size to keep it interesting. You have a bit of a 'natural' look going on with the green walls and river rock so an all white tile will keep it feeling fresh and contemporary, a little scandinavian even.

    And if this is your basement bathroom, I would most definitely put radiant heating under the tile. We did that in our main bathroom and it is my favourite little luxury in the house.

  5. Thanks for the input - I appreciate everyone's feedback!

    *Wanderluster - I think I'm definitely sold on going with white tile - I'll look into the 12"x24" for sure! We've also discussed putting heating under the floor - I think it would be worth it!


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