Monday, October 18, 2010

Baking Up Some Deliciousness

Saturday night was a girls wine night hosted by my brothers fiance! We had a great time...
Soon to be sisters!
My cousin topping up our glasses
Ready to head out for the night
As part of the evening, every girl brought 2 bottles of wine and something to munch on. Along with my two bottles of wine, I decided that I would bake some cupcakes. I turned to my new favorite blog for baked deliciousness, Beantown Baker. I posted, not too long ago, about the week over there that was devoted all to smores recipes, so I thought I would give the smores cupcakes a try. B and I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to get baking before our big Lowes trip. 
Chocolate - chopped, chunked, melted, delicious... necessary!
Graham Cracker Crumb Deliciousness
HER beautiful cupcakes... because mine surely did not look THIS outstanding! (I WISH!)
I'll be straight up with you... my cupcakes did not look beautiful, but boy did they taste awesome! Everyone loved them, even though we opted to use "Jet Puffed" rather than making our own marshmallow spread for the top. Really, I could share the recipe with you right here on my blog, but I'm going to send you over to Beantown Baker to find it because her blog definitely deserves to be checked out! I promise you won't be disappointed! There are always so many great recipes, including the Oreo Cupcake recipe I tried out back in May. My coworkers are still asking me to bring more in, but I'm thinking I'll have to try something new just for them!

So head on over, and I want to know what recipe stands out the most to you! Happy Baking friends!


  1. What?? Smores Cupcakes!! I didn't even know there was such a thing! and I totally get what you mean about them not turning out like the picture. I have a serious issue with cupcakes - it could be our crappy oven, but they never turn out right. They taste amazing, but look hideous!

    See you tomorrow! Woohoo!

  2. um those look amazing! cupcakes are my fab! and yay for girls night--always so fun~

  3. Awww this looks like such an awesome night in! Thanks for sharing with us, Kerry.

    P.S. Craving a cupcake now!


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