Thursday, June 5, 2014

How I Got My Blog Groove Back

Well... it's been far too long since I've been around these parts. I've just been busy being a Mom, keeping home, doing fun things with the family and small projects around the house. Nothing has really given me that spark recently to write... even when B began building Halle's playhouse in the backyard, or started working on tiered vegetable garden (all of which there will be photos of.... soon). Then, the other week, I was doing my usual craiglist creep when I struck gold!

Dining Room Pew - Before

That my friends is an 11 foot church pew... which I paid $100 for. Yes... ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! I was thrilled that I was able to score this (and so thankful to our wonderful friend who helped me out and loaded it into the pack of his pickup truck and moved it to our place while B was away). It's going to be the perfect addition for seating at our 12 foot dining table...

First Time Fancy Dining Room - DIY Dining Table & Light Fixture

The pew will go on the far side of the table where the two blue chairs are. However, I'm still stuck on what to do with the pew. I'm in the middle of stripping the paint off...

Dining Room Pew - Stripping

I've made some more progress since this photo was taken, but I still have a lot left to do. The wood seems to be in okay condition, but I'm not sure I want to stain it. Even if we use the same stain as we used on the table and light fixture, it would come out a different colour (just like the table and light fixture did). I'm concerned that it will be too many types of woods and tones competing in the space (especially since we also have our wine rack and a new little wood table that I scored at the Salvation Army. 

So, I guess I'm looking for a little input. While I strip and sand this big old pew down, I want to know - What would you do? What do you think I should do? Stain it? Paint it? I'm thinking maybe a cream colour, similar to the light part of the plaid on our head chairs at the table. At this point, I'm leaning towards painting (which would save me a lot of stripping down the line)... so give it to me! What should I do?


  1. My vote is definitely paint! I think pulling a colour from one of the end chairs is a great idea. Then maybe you can cushions in a complementary fabric!

    My parents bought a church pew for the house we lived in when I was a kid. My dad cut in it in half then re-finished the two ends to make 2 shorter pews. One went in the entryway (very handy!) and the other went on the front porch. I think they left the porch one with the house with they sold it, but they still have the entryway one in their new house

  2. Love the church pew. I would paint it the same color as the four chairs that will be on the other side of the church pew. I am sure whatever you do it will turn out great.

  3. Welcome back! I would definitely paint it! I like the EJ's idea of accessorizing it with some cushions.

  4. Hi Kerry! GREAT find! Awesome. I was actually thinking black! I think it would act as a great anchoring piece, drawing your eye and 'settling' it in that corner. Another colour that I think could be fun is a nice rich navy blue. I do like your cream idea though - will make the space feel bright and airy. The only thing I hesitate about though is the cabinet behind where the pew will go - is it white or is it a cream to match? I don't know if the cream/white will the best together as the cabinet behind will blend in to the pew and change the 'lines' when you look over in that direction. I think a contrasting colour would be the best here. Another idea is to do the bench in cream as you were thinking and perhaps change the colour of the cabinet to a nice glossy black or navy. Just my 'two-cents' of course (since you were asking) but I think anything you will do will look nice. I can't wait to see what direction you take it in :)

  5. What an awesome find!! It was meant to be paired with your table! I would paint it and maybe do something fun, like two toned: cream on the arms and back, and grey/taupe or other colour from the fabrics on the inside back and seat. That would just help break it up a bit; the single colour might be a bit overpowering in the room.

  6. What about pickling stain?? BM has one, and I'm sure Minwax does too. It's close to white but you'll still see wood tones through... could look awesome!

  7. Sweet find!!! I think you're probably right about all the wood tones, so I say paint away!! I think cream would be gorgeous (and neutral :) ) but I can't wait to see what you choose! xoxo

  8. Yes! Ditto what EJ and Jen said! It is going to look so good!

  9. I vote for painting too, but I like the idea of a dark colour. Either way, using your chair fabric as your guide is a great idea.

  10. Hey Kerry! I vote for painting too, can't wait to see how it turns out, it's going to look awesome with that table!!

  11. that will be perfect for your whopper of a table. good to see a post from you!


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