Tuesday, July 23, 2013

2 Came Fast

My Dearest Halle,

It's hard to imagine that just over two years ago, we had not met. Today, I cannot imagine a single day passing without you in my life. In a matter of 730 days you have transformed from a tiny newborn into a smart, funny, curious, nurturing and sweet little girl. You absolutely light up my days with your smiles and giggles.

Bittersweet PhotographyJune 30, 2013

Before you arrived, I was never sure if I wanted to become a mother. Would I be good at it? Would I know what to do? I thought I would need to know everything. Little did I know that these past two years would teach me so much. That YOU would teach me so much.

{Photos of  Halle at one week, 7 months & 1 year care of Nicole Kathlyn Photography}

You constantly challenge me to be a better person and mother. You have taught me to see the world through youthful eyes again. Things that were once overlooked or mundane are once again fun and exciting. 


My dear girl - you are such a treasure to your Father and I, and you are loved by so many. Being your Mom has been so wonderful and I can't wait to see what this coming year holds for you!

I love you with all of my Heart!



  1. What a lovely post. I totally understand! One came too fast for me. My daughter turns one in two weeks and I am still in shock! Your daughter is beautiful. Enjoy this next year. :)

  2. Happy birthday Halle! Kerry you have beautiful photos to track her first two years! Hope you had fun celebrating!

  3. She is beautiful! Happy birthday Halle!


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