Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Love Letter

Dear Little House,

I loved you from the minute I first saw you... even if you weren't the most beautiful house on the street (or MLS for that matter). I loved your cottage charm, the way the ceilings sloped upstairs, and those sunny skylights in the bedrooms. I adored your proximity to the lake and the potential that was hiding in each and every room, to make you something more stunning.

{Our Home - May 2009}

You gave us a place to grow our life together. A place where we have made memories with friends and family, a place where our rescue pup Harley could finally have a forever family, and of course a place to bring our sweet Halle home to. 

October 2011

You have given me the opportunity to explore my love of renovations, design and decoration. I have learnt so much over the last 2.5 years, as we have painted, decorated and changed each and every room to fit our taste. Through you, I have also discovered my love of blogging and have met so many incredible individuals from all over the world - both in person and virtually. 

Even when we first discussed moving across the country, I never realized just how hard it would be to walk away from you. We have put so much of ourselves into improving you... only to allow someone else to call you "home". 

Tomorrow will be a very bittersweet day for me, when the packers come to load up a truck with all of our memories, to ship across country. Though I am looking forward to this next stage in our journey as a family, I know that I will miss you. I don't doubt that I will shed a few tears as I walk from empty room, to empty room and think of all of the wonderful things that have happened here. From the first night we slept on a blow up mattress here, to hosting our first Thanksgiving dinner, to preparing Halle's nursery for her arrival, and now seeing her learn to crawl across that room - this house has meant so much to us. 

Nursery - July 10, 2011

As we move on, I can only hope that the next person to walk through your front door will love you as much as we did. I hope that they will create and share happy memories here, and enjoy all of the hard work that we put into making you what you are now. 

Little Home - as much as there have been moments where I have felt distressed and hopeless, facing our endless renovations here, they have all been out of love. A true love for a little home that we have called our own. Thank you for being the roof over our head. A safe haven that I will always look back on fondly with a smile. Though we are not completely parting ways, deep in my heart I feel that we will never truly call you "home" again.

With Love,


  1. Aww...such wonderful memories!! You'll never forget your first (or so I'm told). Good luck with the move and don't have lots of new memories to make!

  2. Oh the first home is such a big step and is a promise of so many things to come when starting a new life with the one you love and the hopes of starting a family, etc... I know it's hard to leave! Best wishes on the move and all the things to come.

  3. Kerry, you just brought tears to my eyes. You've created such a personal space, as you will again. I hope you have a safe move. We have moved our family several times, and although I remember each house with fond memories (esp the first) it's made me realize that my home is these people, not any particular four walls. Wherever you are all together will become home. x

  4. Oh my I just got teary. I can totally appreciate your feelings, even though we have not yet had to move from our first home together (I know it is inevitable for us). Good luck with your move!

  5. Such a lovely and moving letter! Best of luck with the move and making lots of fond memories on the west coast!

  6. This is such a huge step for you and your family and I know I'd feel the exact same way. I've enjoyed watching you two transform your home. Best wishes on your new / next adventure!

  7. seriously am i tearing up at the thought of you leaving your little house? ack! i am! it's so sad for you and for him!

  8. oooh....I'm getting all sappy!! Good luck tomorrow and just think of all the excitement coming your way. It will be tough, but you guys have a whole new set of exciting experiences coming. xo


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