Monday, April 16, 2012

Last Minute Projects

Ever since we began renovating, there have been so many small side projects or finishing touches that just got left incomplete. I mean, it was usually something small that we could live with and bigger things always came along... like putting together a nursery, making a more welcoming front entrance, or getting a tub put in for Halle. 

As I am sure you have gathered through my sporadic posting, as well as my lovely guest posts - we were pretty busy recently, prepping for the move and getting our little house ready to rent. Of course, I haven't shared any of what we've actually been up to... yet! 

Since the mover's came last Friday and cleared away all of our boxes, I finally have a few decent photos of some of the projects that we crossed off of our list.

One of our favourite things that was completed, was by my wonderful and handy father. For the longest time we've been living with a huge drop down to the basement from the living room.

January 16, 2010

And while over time we had added some trim around the rough edges to make it look more finished, something seriously needed to be done to make this whole situation a lot more safe. Two weeks ago my Dad came over and worked his magic. By the time he left at the end of the day, we had a lovely railing, and while B's parents were visiting the other week his Dad got it all painted up for us...

April 15, 2012

Hello lovely railing! If only we had, had more time to enjoy and appreciate you.

The other big change around here, was in the kitchen. I really haven't shared much of our kitchen on here, mainly because we really haven't done anything worth mentioning... until now! If you look at our house tour, our kitchen looked like this when we bought back in July of 2009...

kitchen before

Well, over time we had replaced the stove and dishwasher, painted the backsplash and vent hood, took out the pendant lights and replaced them with pot lights, and also painted the large pantry cabinets that are just visible on the right hand side of this photo. There have been a few more changes since we found out we would be moving cross country and renting out our tiny home, and here is how the kitchen looks now...

April 6, 2012

Again... we're wondering why we never painted the cabinets sooner. It really breaks up all of the yellow. Of course, it's not perfect and I'm sure it's not anyone's dream kitchen... but it's still way better than it was when we moved in.

We're feeling hopeful that someone will come across our tiny home and love it just as much we do. All I can hope is that whoever eventually calls it home, will take good care of it and appreciate all of the hard work that we have done. B will be dropping in the next few days after work to get some small projects finished up, and my father will join him a few nights as well. I hope to make one more visit before we go to get a photo of each and every room as it is before we leave, and hopefully I can share those with you sometime next week (depending on when we get internet at the new place). 

Still lots going on this week, but I hope to drop in each day with a post for you... and I have something really exciting to share on Friday... that's NOT a Fancy Friday post, so be sure to come back for that. It's a big week around here for sure...


  1. Your kitchen is adorable! I love the two-toned cabinets! Very cute!

  2. Love the gray and white cabinets in your kitchen. It's amazing how much paint can do to transform a place eh?

  3. Your kitchen looks great! I love the gray and white. Great job. I just found your blog and I love it, I'm your newest follower!

  4. I love the colros your choose for the kitchen is looks so cute!!!

  5. What a transformation in the kitchen! Looks excellent!

  6. Kerry all the updates look amazing!! You've made a beautiful little home for another family to enjoy!

  7. Wow, great job on the kitchen! And to think you said you would never finish it :) Well done!

  8. Wowza you guys sure have been busy. Great progress on your place. Even though you don't get to enjoy it now, the good news is it is done for later when you come back or want to sell. You must be so excited these days.

  9. Holy man, the kitchen!? You make it seem like it's just some paint we through up! That sounds like a HUGE job! It looks awesome! Amazing what a little paint can do, huh? I love the two toned look.

    The railing looks great too, and I'm loving the blue wall... have we seen that all finished yet??

  10. That kitchen makeover is seriously cute! I love painted cabinets, always have.

  11. i too adore your kitchen--the two tone is so perfect! you guys are amazing!

  12. Wow, I guess you had to finish everything before! Phew! Wishing you the best moving across and settling in! Let me know when you are somewhat settled and I'll arrange to set up a lunch/coffee with other bloggers!

  13. You guys have really worked magic in this home. Love what you did with the kitchen, Kerry. Hope you are getting settled in out there..

  14. The kitchen looks great! It's amazing what paint can do to a space. Great job!

  15. The kitchen looks incredible!!! Amazing what some paint and lots of effort can do. Hope you're finding time to relax and unwind these days! :)


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