Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer Time Fun!

Life gets in the way a lot, doesn't it? It seems like things get crazier every year and this year is no exception, with the addition of our newest family member. I feel like we are constantly on the go, but it's been so nice squeezing in so much family time, and making use of our new to us Boler travel trailer. Of course, the best part is getting to do everything with both of these munchkins!

Canada Day 2015
{Canada Day}

We embarked on our first camping trip in the Boler the weekend after Canada Day. Halle loves having the trailer to sleep in, but especially enjoyed that trip since she had two of her friends along to play with. Nolan did great sleeping in the trailer and really made it easy for us to camp with a 6 week old...

Ross Lake July 2015
{Swimming at Ross Lake}

Ross Lake July 2015Ross Lake July 2015
{Surrounded by beauty!}

Ross Lake July 2015

Ross Lake July 2015
{Just me and my babes}

Ross Lake July 2015
{Heading Home}

Camping aside, we've also been lucky to enjoy some time on our friends sailboat, which is moored right downtown. We enjoyed one Friday afternoon BBQ on the dock, followed by a boat ride, then headed out again another Saturday afternoon for a BBQ on the boat while we secured a prime spot to watch the Celebration of Lights from the water. 

Sailboating 2015
{Nolan's first boat ride... and he slept through it}

Sailboating 2015
{Halle taking in the view}

Sailboating 2015Sailboating 2015
{Heading back in - Halle had a chance to steer for a bit}

Celebration of lights 2015

Our second trip out, Nolan was more alert. He enjoyed the rocking of the boat and staring up at the mast. He did really well and promptly fell asleep just before the fireworks began...

Celebration of lights 2015
{Halle was thrilled by the Red Bull stunt plane}

Celebration of lights 2015

Celebration of lights 2015

Celebration of lights 2015

So far, it has definitely been a fun summer, full of family, friends and new adventures. There is still plenty more to come as well.

What kind of fun has everyone else been getting up to? Big trips? Small adventures? I'd love to hear more about your summers too!

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