Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

Well, another Halloween has come and gone and this year was even better than last. Our new neighbourhood is a lot more child friendly than our previous one! We had tons of kids come by, and Halle enjoyed trick or treating with a couple of her little friends. B said by the time they were visiting the last few houses she was running up to the door, knowing she was going to get more treats. At each house she would say "Teet peeze!"... we'll work more on "Trick or Treat" for next year. She came home with a loaded bucket and a big smile on her face, and she scarfed down a bag of chips before bed (her favourite treat). 

As for her costume, this year she had asked to be a bee, so I decided to make her a little costume. I used this tutorial to make her a little dress, and it worked out perfectly. Underneath it she wore a pair of black stretchy pants and long sleeved yellow t-shirt. I ended up putting a black jacket over her for trick or treating and her wings over the jacket. The wings we bought at Jo-Ann and the antenna are from a dress up costume that B's Mom brought for her. It came together great and we all loved it...

Halloween 2013Halloween 2013

Halloween 2013
{B was still feeling pretty excited after the Sox big win on Wednesday night!}

Halloween 2013

We both love how she wraps her little arm around our necks for photos. It's totally unprovoked!

It's also hard to believe that this is her THIRD Halloween!



Halloween 2013

I hope you all had a safe and memorable Halloween this year! We sure did! I know this week was quiet, but I've been working away on some changes in Halle's room and B was away for a week (he got back on Tuesday), so I was solo parenting which kept me busy. Hoping to share Halle's bedroom updates early next week, and possibly even a look at our new dining room table! So excited!

Happy November & Happy Weekend! What do you have planned for this weekend to ring in the new month?


  1. Happy Halloween - she is such a cutie and they grow so fast! loved her costume :)

  2. oh my, cuteness overload! she is just scrumptious! this is bringing back memories - the first costume i ever made for my daughter was a bee!

  3. So cute - her little pigtails go perfectly with the antennae! :) My little guy is almost a year to the day younger than Halle. This is like a little preview of Halloween 2014 for us!

  4. aw, she's getting so big! Completely adorable, and I love the way she smiles a poses for pictures!


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