Monday, May 27, 2013

Up, Up & Away

SURPRISE! I've actually been away from BC for almost 2 weeks now! I left on the 14th and headed to Toronto first for my wedding dress fitting, some wedding planning and a bridal shower... all while B moved into our new house. Some of you who follow me on instagram may have caught onto my travels.

Then, on Thursday morning we met B at the airport and flew to Boston to spend the weekend with his family. B got to enjoy some boy time in the city for his bachelor party, while I had some girl time with B's sister and one of my friends, and yesterday I had a surprise shower. What a crazy and fun two weeks! I loved every second of it, so I will have two showers to share with you, as well as some house posts soon!


We'll be back at our new house this afternoon and I am SO EXCITED to finally be living there. 

So Happy Memorial Day to all of my American readers, and Happy Monday to everyone else. I hope that all of you had a wonderful weekend wherever you are and whatever you did! There is A LOT of exciting stuff to come soon!

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  1. You are a regular jet setter! Congrats on the new house....and when is the wedding?


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