Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Inspiration Touchdown

So I'm a day late on giving you a look at what I pulled together for our Superbowl Party. I almost didn't do anything. I'll be completely honest with you - what happened last week completely took the wind out of my sails. I spent some time feeling scared and sorry for us, but finally reminded myself it wasn't the worst thing in the world and we'll get past it together. I needed to get back on my horse, keep doing what I love, keep smiling, loving and sharing memories. We still have the most important things here... and that is the three of us and the dogs!

So, everything we put together for the party was done between Saturday night, and Sunday morning before our guests arrived. I shared my inspiration for my projects last week, and I'm proud to say that I managed to do everything on my list. Simple - but super cute and not too over-the-top for the football loving fans, who may not have been as excited about my "decor". Here's how things turned out...



I loved our little can football utensil holder. It was super quick and easy to do. I picked up some brown scrapbook paper at Michael's for $0.99, and the laces I made out of sports tape that we had grabbed at the Dollar Store for $1.25. Worked out well and looked so cute on our table. I also grabbed the green plates at Michael's, and the napkins we picked up at the Dollar Store. I just wish we'd had another can kicked around so that I could've made a second "football" to hold the spoons for chilli, but I forgot to get some out of the bin before recycling day. Lesson learned.


The football field table cloth was fun to do, and B was a big help. The tablecloth was from the dollar store, and we used the fold lines as a guide for where to put the yard lines on the "field". We used the full width of the sports tape for the end zones, and ripped the tape in half for the rest of the lines. We could've added more detail in the end zones and at centre field, but decided against it at the end of the day. To be honest, I don't think anyone commented on it... and not surprising since it was just covered with a lot of tasty food!

Speaking of tasty food...


TA DA! I bought cookie cutters at Michael's that had the football, a jersey, a pennant flag and a helmet.   I only made use of the football and jersey, and in the end even cut a bunch out as squares since I was sick of wasting so much delicious brownie. (The squares had XLVII piped onto them with the cream cheese icing). These were a big hit and super easy. We just used the Ghirardelli mix that you can buy from Costco... because let's be honest... they are delicious. A few didn't work out quite so well, but at the end of the game - no brownie was left behind!

I had so much fun doing these little extra's this year, and maybe next year I can take it to another level. I'll definitely continue to add fun ideas to my Superbowl Pinterest board!

Did you watch the big game? Or just tune in for Beyonce's half time show? Did you host or attend a party, or just hang low at home? Any fun Superbowl Party ideas you'd like to share? We're always open to new and fun ideas to add to our big party for the next time... so share!


  1. It was certainly a success Kerry! The boys made quick work of the brownies, that's for sure, and I did notice the creative DIY decor.. It looked great!

  2. The party decor is cute those brownies look cute and tasty!! We actually stayed home and just watched some movies, my husbands not that into football and not a huge fan of either team playing - so I'm a happy girl so not into football :) lol

  3. Ok, I'm not gonna lie, I'm totally not into football, but I adore all these party details! Great job, Kerry!


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