Monday, April 11, 2011

A First Birthday

As I mentioned on Friday, I spent this weekend up near Ottawa visiting my friend and her little man. It was his first birthday on Friday, and Saturday we celebrated. Mommy was a regular little Martha Stewart and prepped all the decorations and did all of her shopping... me and her other friends just helped lay everything out for her. Here are some details of the party...

Loot Bags (with the birthday boys hand print) and a Candy Bar...

Other Fun Details...

Cupcakes in a Jar... great work Mom!

... and I had more to share, but according to blogger I've run out of storage space for photos! UGH!... so more will have to come later once I figure this out. How have you handled this issue? Did you purchase more Picasa storage or did you go another route? Would love to hear some suggestions on how to take care of this.... 


  1. So cute!

    That is annoying about the photos. I've started using Flickr (pro account) because I was having issues uploading pics on Blogger. I could upload one photo but if I decided later inthe post to upload another, the program wouldn't let me pick another photo!

    Now I use Flickr and just insert the html code for the picture.

    Downside is that if I ever delete that photo it disappears from my blog.

    Which now means I have to keep that flickr account open forever.

    Maybe my suggestion stinks. haha

  2. I love the cupcakes in a jar! What a clever idea to keep the mess to a minimum. As for the storage space for photos- I have not a clue but will keep my open for a solution to the issue so I can learn too.

  3. What a fun party! And I'm drooling over the cupcakes in a jar!! As for photos, I write all my posts on Windows Live has changed my life!! All the photos that I use through that program automatically get uploaded to Picasa, so they are all saved there. Seriously though, go download Live Writer now!!!!

  4. I keep all my photos on my computer and simply upload from there. Never had any issues with photo storage space. Cute party!

  5. oh that's sooooo cute! i love it.

  6. adorable! love the colors--and the cupcakes in a jar are to die for! i do flickr for all my photos--sorry i don't have any super idea! hope it gets fixed asap--super annoying!

  7. Such a cute grouping of bday ideas! advice for your photo storage problem! Think I'm still too new :)

  8. i love the loot bags and cupcakes in a jar - i think i might just have to try that for Evan's 2nd b-day in May!

  9. Ohh Windows Live Writer looks AWESOME. Too bad I have a Mac (well, not too bad because my Mac is amazing, but for this one issue ;-).

    Kerry - do you have a mac or a pc? That might be a good option too?

  10. What a fun party, Kerry! I love the cupcakes in the jar... in fact, I could go for one of those right about now! mmmm.

    As for the photos, I use a flickr pro account to store all my photos and paste the html straight into my blog. I just find it gives me more flexibility with photo sizes and tooons of space. Good luck with it!

  11. Very cute! Cupcakes in a jar - doenst get much more adorable!


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