Friday, June 25, 2010

Fancy Friday Love

Another Friday, which of course means a collection of Fancy Finds!

First off, Shannon from 8 foot 6 shared this gorgeous photo of her bedroom this past Sunday.

Isn't is lovely? I guess I just love the clean simplicity of it. If you haven't stopped by 8 foot 6 before, now is probably a good time. Shannon is in the homestretch on their basement renovation! It's been incredible to follow all of the work that is going on over at their place and I'm itching to see the final product! I just KNOW it will be gorgeous! Oh yeah, and Shannon ALWAYS shares the best craigslist finds for the Toronto area! Go check her out!

These paper flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Stumbled across them on the blog Oh Happy Day!

After spying these here, I headed over to Livia Cetti's website, and learned she had done some floral and prop styling for Kate Spade! No wonder I loved her flowers so much! You can check out her work at The Green Vase!

I'm sure you all caught it, but I loved the feature that Camila from High-Heeled Foot in the Door did this past week on Vintage Travel Posters! I love to travel and always try to find a way to bring the places we've traveled to into our home. No surprise, I enjoy doing that through unique prints. A while ago I shared with you these cute little gocco prints from Art Shark Designs.

This sweet little NYC print already hangs in our home as a reminder of the place we first met and fell in love. I revisited the Etsy shop a little while ago and discovered that Megan (the shop owner) has also recently created a Dublin print!

I'd love to add this as well, as a little reminder of our trip to the Emerald Isle. I could go in the direction of vintage travel posters... but I'm tempted to create a small gallery with a collection of these fabulous gocco prints to represent our favorite cities! Aren't they fantastic?

Want this floor for our front entrance...

Photo is from CAR Möbel, found on automatism. Isn't it lovely? Any ideas where I can find something like it?

Hope you had a week full of beautiful things as well, with more to come this weekend. I'm off to Ottawa once again, this time for a bridesmaid dress fitting, my best friends new condo house warming, and a visit with one of my favorite boys of all time! I can hardly believe little Brayden is almost 3 months old now! Unreal! Happy weekend everyone!


  1. You're heading to Ottawa?? I'm going there on Monday for work! lol

    Make sure you take lots of pics of the little guy and the bridesmaid dress... I'm bridesmaid dress shopping right now... I am in two weddings in the next year...

    Hope you have a great time! And make sure to tell B. his posts are great!

  2. Thanks for mentioning me on your blog! I can't believe it took me a month to see this...I am a little slow these days...

    Hey - basement should be done this week! (Yes, we've heard THAT before)...


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