Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I've Been Tagged...

...more than once by some lovely bloggers in the new game that is going around. I was originally tagged by my sweet friend Heather over at Interior Groupie... and I never got around to answering her questions. Then just last week I was tagged by Barbara from hodge:podge - so I knew I had to jump on it and answer her 11 questions (I had to do it eventually, right?).

1. Coffee or tea?
    - Though I have recently started to drink coffee, I am more of a tea drinker. It's a warming and comforting drink to me and I usually have at least 2 a day. One to start my day, and one to help me unwind at the end of it!


2. What is your favourite colour?
     - I'd have to say blue - in any shade... even though recently I've really been loving all kinds of shades of pink. Side effect of having a daughter?

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3. What is your go-to resource for inspiration?
     - Blogs. Always blogs! There is so much inspiration from the professional world as well as all of the personal and DIY projects that bloggers themselves tackle! I find inspiration for everything from food, to fashion, decorating, organization... and more. I love all of the fabulous things you can find via the wonderful world of blogging. I'm sure most of us feel the same, no?

4. If you could meet anyone, who would it be?
     - Is it strange that I don't really have an answer for this? I must say, I've never been a celebrity crazy person. Even when I've had encounters with the "famous" I find it pretty easy to keep my cool. I guess if there were no restrictions at all and it's one of those, outside of space and time kind of questions, I would've loved to have met my Grandmother (my Mom's mom) who passed away 6 months before I was born...

5. Favourite coffee table book?
     - Of the one's I have my favourite would have to be the Tricia Guild book my cousin bought for me for Christmas 2010 - A Certain Style. There is a ton of beautiful eye candy and so much inspiration in it. Definitely one I wish I had more time to devour again and again.

6. What design faux pas can you NOT stand?
     - I feel like I can't even properly answer this question as I sit in our "storage room-esque" living room that to me is filled to the brim with design faux pas. Embarrassing but true - I guess it's just happened as we renovate other areas of the house and things get tossed here. From where I am sitting right now, I'll say that I can't stand oversized electronics that overwhelm a room... we have huge speakers, TV and a subwoofer taking over our living room at the moment and it's driving me N-U-T-S. To avoid staring at it, Halle and I have been spending most of our time at home in her nursery...

7. What blogger would you love to meet in real life?
     - What blogger wouldn't I love to meet? I would obviously love to meet everyone single one of my blogging friends who I haven't had a chance to meet. I do think that me and Christine from just bella would get along great... and I know Halle and Alice would be great friends too! ;)

8. Where in the world would you love to visit?
     - My list is so incredibly long... and seems to grow by the day. At the moment though, the two at the top of my list are Budapest and Santorini...


9. What would be your ideal profession?
     - This is such a hard question for me to answer. I still feel like I don't really know what I want to do with my life. I know I want it to be creative, and flexible... but that's not saying much, is it?

10. If you won the lottery tomorrow,what would be the first thing you would do?
      - First thing I would do would be to pack our bags and head out on a little family vacation... just the three of us, until the excitement of us winning passed. Then the proper investments would be made and our parents would all be debt free.

11. What do you think you are good at?
       - Recently, I've just felt really good about being Halle's Mom. It's so funny that for a long time I wasn't sure if I really wanted to be a Mom... and now I can't imagine my life without this little girl. I had to give up a lot, but I wouldn't trade Halle for any single one of those small sacrifices that I made. I think I am good at being her Mom, and improving everyday at managing this little home of ours...

I think a lot of my blogging buds have already taken part, so it will be hard to come up with a list of 11 people. So what I want to do is tag everyone who has not yet been tagged to please answer my questions! If you answer them, please leave me a comment letting me know you did, and I will link up to your answers as part of my Fancy Friday post this week! I can't wait see who takes part, and read their answers. Here are my 11 Questions...

1. If you had an unlimited budget, what room in your home would you renovate/redecorate?
2. It's Friday night, you have the house to yourself - what do you do?
3. If you could go on a shopping spree in any store, which one would it be?
4. What's your dream vacation - location, companions, etc
5. What's your favourite book that you've read in the past year?
6. What accomplishment are you most proud of?
7. What do you collect, or would like to/wish you could collect?
8. What one item could you not live without?
9. Chocolate or Vanilla?


  1. ooh you will love santorini....great post. I've been tagged 3 times so now I have 33 questions! so behind!

  2. Love it! Great little post, especially your answer about being a mom - so sweet!

  3. So much fun! I've been tagged a couple times myself and feel so terrible that I have yet to get around to answering the questions. They're so fun! I loved your answer for number 11... I'm at the not-sure-if-I-ever-want-to-be-a-Mom stage, but I know that some day, I want to have kids (is that even possible?) so I hope that I go through the same transition you did! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. awww, totally bloggy baby besties!! Alice and I would LOVE to meet you guys one day too!


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